iDoodle2 lite on the iPad

August 5th, 2011

I got my iPad on the first day that the first version came out and it’s a shame that it has taken so long for me to get a version of iDoodle2 up and running on this great device.  The size of the screen and the drawing area that it gives you really liberates the user to create great work.  As a designer setting up a user interface it also gives me a lot more room to play with which is awesome and makes it really hard going back to the iPhone.

The big differences you’ll notice with iDoodle2 lite on your iPad is that there are now buttons for everything.  Before you had a button available for undo, but had to use the gesture for redo.  Now both are right there in the toolbar and easy to use.  Having space on the sides is also super valuable.  Now there is a tool editing bar on the right and a color editing bar on the left that should make it much easier to quickly change aspects of your tools and colors so there’s as little hassle as possible in quickly creating great work.  I can’t wait to see what people are able to create with this 🙂

P.S.  Sorry about disabling comments, the spam was getting unbearable.  Until I find a better answer to the spam problem  this will be a one-way forum.  Thanks I have really enjoyed the legit comments posted here over the years.

In Other News, The Dead Walk the Earth!

December 8th, 2009

Well it’s been about a year and a half since iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite came out and it’s quite amazing that iDoodle2 lite is at the top of the productivity category in Germany and the UK this weekend (with a whole lot of help from MagicSolver’s advent Calendar,  thanks guys!) but today I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my second original app the iDoodle Zombie Coloring Book made it to the app store.
I’m really glad to see it there since I think people will really enjoy some of the art.  Though it’s way to late for Halloween it is my honest opinion that Zombies are a classic that never really goes out of season.  We’ll see how that holds up.  The app is available in the app store here.

Have fun with it, I certainly have!img_0602.PNG

Holiday Cheer

December 4th, 2009

Well this blog has been pretty inactive as of late though I have been doing some development.  The latest versions of iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite have some great features that I really enjoyed working on.  One of my favorites with iDoodle2 lite is the Daily Doodle.  So far I’ve received some great work from people and it’s definitely been tough choosing from all of the great images.

I have another app that is coming out soon which I think a lot of people will enjoy and have been collaborating with a few other individuals on apps which I’m looking forward to seeing out in the wild.  Overall things are going well in iDoodle land.

Happy Holidays!
P.S.  iDoodle2 lite is featured in the excellent Advent Calendar created by Magic Solver.  Check it out in the App Store here.

On Sales

April 19th, 2009

iDoodle2 has been in the App Store for 9 months now and up till very recently I’d avoided putting it on sale.  I’ve figured $3 is a fair and decent price for the functionality that I provide and I didn’t want to join the rush to the ubiquitous $0.99.  Still, I’d grown tired of decreasing sales and seeing other apps in the top 100 which seemed to stay there indefinitely despite limited functionality and mediocre reviews.  So I figured I’d try dropping my price and seeing if I could enter that club.  Unfortunately going to $1.99, even with an update did not get me on the list so I made the fateful choice to drop down from the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee into McDonald’s dollar menu territory, and guess what?  It worked, sorta.
Within that first weekend I found my app on the top entertainment apps list for the first time, but even as I climbed my velocity dampened and I stalled out in the mid 60s on the top entertainment list. Once Finger Paint released a new update I started to slip again. Here’s where I made another business decision and switched categories over to photography. This was a fortuitous decision because my 75 on the Entertainment List became a 20 in Photography. The increased exposure coupled with the sale price led to my best week by number of units sold since last fall. But even then the revenue at that price point, while nothing to sneer at, was only fair when compared to weekly revenues over the past 9 months. The sale ended on April 15th and while my unit sales certainly took a hit I’ve been able to make up for it with the restored price. Furthermore, moving to the Photography list should allow me to stay discoverable far longer than I might be in the Entertainment category.
So a couple lessons learned. Going on sale does drive-up sales, but I had to go down to $0.99 ( over 60% off ) to see a really significant change in my sales volume. Even at that point and with increased exposure the lower price point meant my revenue wasn’t very impressive. It’s very interesting working in a market where there are no significant per-unit costs to contend with and profit can be derived as a function of sales and price only. The other significant take-away is that moving to a less-crowded category can increase your sales and discoverability. If you fall below a certain threshold you won’t show up in the top 100 list for the category and you become much harder to find. For Entertainment that cut-off point seemed to be in the neighborhood of 100 sales a day, it would be interesting to see where it lies for other categories.

Ultimately though I realized I’m not going to become a huge hit in the app store just by dropping my price, even with what I believe is a very good app. This leads me back to what I really enjoy, creating good software people enjoy using. Being a one-man shop it’s challenging knowing how to best allocate my limited resources. This experience has taught me that instead of trying to game the app store I should get back to coding. And with luck if I build it, the customers will come, even if they have to pay a bit more for an app than they would for a McChicken Sandwich.

Web Apps

April 3rd, 2009

Just wondering if anyone is still using the iDoodle web app?  It is still available at  It’s just a little bit over a year since I created and released the first javascript/php/css code that made up the iDoodle web app out into the world.  I must say that I was elated when iDoodle was the staff pick that first weekend and I started  seeing that little flood of traffic.  A lot has changed since then and the traffic has slowed to a trickle.  Still I’m very proud of what I created with iDoodle and learned a so much through that experience.  So this weekend I might dust off the javascript region of my brain, brew some good coffee, and write a little bit of javascript and php, all for old times sake (and perhaps the sake of a bit of increased traffic to the native app) and bang out a new version of my old web app.  I was particularly inspired by hearing that the iPhone now supports SVG and seeing the work done on the web app here .  We’ll see how it goes, but I’m really looking forward to playing around with this a bit.

100 Days of Doodling

April 1st, 2009

I recently released new versions of both iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite.  These versions fixed a few issues that had come up in the 1.1 release of iDoodle2 and finally brought all of the 1.1 features to iDoodle2 lite.  In addition to an improved undo feature and better slider controls I added an analytics tool from Pinch Media.  This tracker lets me as a developer know how often the apps are being used and where and should hopefully allow me to better serve my users.  One interesting stat is the amount of cumulative time spent in the app over all users.  Since the update was released last week there have been well over 100 days spent doodling in the lite version alone.  Somehow I find that kind of amazing.  Here is an example of some of the great work being done.  Thank you Wensen for the amazing images.


iDoodle2 1.1

March 4th, 2009

Well the first full update to iDoodle2 in quite some time has been cleared by Apple and is available in the app store.  The release has been a great lesson in limiting the scope of my ambition in order to get an app released.  I can be thinking of the most awesome features imaginable, but if those changes never get into the hands of my users it’s all for naught.
I think the usability improvements to iDoodle2 make a strong app that much stronger.  One of the first things was to implement a multi-touch zoom and pan system.  This allows the user to zoom in up to ten times to work on allow a quality of work and detail that wasn’t possible with the previous release.  The other great improvement to usability (which I believe was suggested in this blog ) is a smart offset tool.  You can customize the distance the pen is from your finger so you’ll have a much better view of  what you are drawing.  The “smart” comes from the offset’s ability to adjust for the orientation of your phone.  The final new feature to come from a custom suggestion is the inclusion of a “kid mode”.  One father e-mailed me saying that his 2 year old enjoyed playing with iDoodle2, but would hit the other controls and pop up menus.  To activate kid mode touch the screen with 3 fingers and a simple palette appears at the bottom of the screen.  Tap with three fingers again to exit this mode.
The other improvements fix a few annoyances from previous versions.  All tool settings now save when you exit a session so your perfect tool setup isn’t lost.  The text tool has been improved with new fonts, text shadows, and the ability to handle non standard characters.  Finally you can rotate and adjust the background image in your doodles.
Anyway those are the basics.  Any feedback on the new version would be much appreciated as would the chance to see some of what you’re creating.  A new version of iDoodle2 lite should be out in the next few weeks and I have a few other projects waiting in the wings.

Happy Holidays

December 25th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played with iDoodle over the last year.  Reflecting back this has been a very enjoyable experience.

From the web app that I wrote last February to the success of iDoodle2 it has been a great learning experience.  There have been over 1 million downloads worldwide of  iDoodle2 lite and I hope that number will continue to climb.

I’m working right now on a few fixes to iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite that should be ready and in the app store in early January.  The feedback of my users has been critical in shaping these updates and I hope that this relationship will continue.

Since Apple’s NDA has been relaxed I’m also hoping to start giving code examples that will help other developers who are working with 2D graphics on the iPhone.  I certainly wouldn’t have finished my app without the advice and guides I’ve found online and I hope that I can also make some kind of contribution in this area.  Look for the first one of these blog posts within the next few weeks. Thanks again for the support and I hope to continue making great iPhone applications in 2009.

Happy Holidays


September 12th, 2008

Sorry for the long silence.  I haven’t had too much to write because my day job has been keeping me pretty busy and my Netflix queue was feeling neglected.  The good news is that iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite are doing quite well in the app store.  iDoodle2 lite is the most popular drawing app by far and the overall comments are pretty positive.  I read a wonderful little story about iDoodle2 lite saving the day here that made me smile.

If some of you want to share your art and see what other are doing with iDoodle2 and the other drawing apps on the iPhone you can check out  There’s also a poll where you can vote for your favorite iPhone app.

Right now I’m gathering ideas and features for the next big version of iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite. It may be a bit since I have another iPhone app that I would like to finish up first.  I’m having fun with it and I hope some of you check it out when it hits the app store.  Till then, peace.

1.0.1 Out at Last

August 14th, 2008

Well we finally have a fix to iDoodle2 and I hope this was worth waiting for.  There’s still a lot of development to be done to make this the best app possible, but this update goes a long way towards making it a very useable app.  If you do find any bugs please let me know and I will work to fix them in a timely manner.  Also look for a new version of iDoodle2 lite that will be out pretty soon.  If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see in future developments please e-mail or comment.  I leave you with a look at what a real artist can do with this app.  Thanks so much to Ryan Stiles for sending this amazing image done with iDoodle2 lite.Ryan Stiles' Amazing Doodle