Sorry for the long silence.  I haven’t had too much to write because my day job has been keeping me pretty busy and my Netflix queue was feeling neglected.  The good news is that iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite are doing quite well in the app store.  iDoodle2 lite is the most popular drawing app by far and the overall comments are pretty positive.  I read a wonderful little story about iDoodle2 lite saving the day here that made me smile.

If some of you want to share your art and see what other are doing with iDoodle2 and the other drawing apps on the iPhone you can check out iartmobile.com.  There’s also a poll where you can vote for your favorite iPhone app.

Right now I’m gathering ideas and features for the next big version of iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite. It may be a bit since I have another iPhone app that I would like to finish up first.  I’m having fun with it and I hope some of you check it out when it hits the app store.  Till then, peace.

5 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Dragonladych says:

    Me again (I posted under “goupilfox” but that’s another identity 😉 )
    Here’s another little doodle:

    I was hoping to upload a video of the replay of my fox drawing to youTube. I’ll send you the link if I get around to doing it.

  2. brooklynn says:

    Is there any direct way to download the playback, or do you have to film it?

  3. FoxyOrb says:

    Want to have THE best drawing app, do the following. Permit the user to displace the point of drawing out of under the finger by choosing a distance and an angle.

  4. Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.